Little Miss Living

With Her Rosy Cheeks and Beating Heart

Neekhol Khahrminh
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I scream. My elocution is exemplary. I love Catchphrase and Cunningham Muffins. I know next to nothing about popular culture. I will never be able to read all of the books that clutter my shelves, and I think I like it that way. I have a short list of impossible goals to accomplish within fifty years or so. I enjoy tittering in foreign languages, dissecting literary works, stealing Benjamin's sweatshirts, reading, playing the clarinet, singing both off- and on-key, loafing around in pajamas, ruminating, frumping, and planning ways to save the world. My life consists of windchimes, exact change, pensiveness, nostalgia, seesaws, shadows, reading, music, perfume bottles, sporadic/irrelevant epiphanies, mythology, tin whistles, and screaming.

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Je me lance, vers la gloire.

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♥ Columbia University, Columbia College Class of 2011 ♥
42, ambition free, anastasia romanov, anime and manga, anne sexton, anne taylor loft, argyle socks, art and music, barnes & noble, biking, bipartisanship, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, blue strumpet mascara, breasts, broadway, brooches, calvin & hobbes, camping, candlelight, caucuses, cheerls' "endearingly bad puns", chocolate, clarinet, classical music, concerts, cookbooks, copeland, cuddling, dan predicts, david the gnome, daydreaming under the clouds, death, debate, dim lights, dirty subway platforms, dissecting lyrics, dreams, edgar allan poe, elitism, epileptic fits, eradicating poverty, eureka's castle, facial hair, fire hydrants, forrest gump, frank the goat, frau williams, freckles, french, funk, gaping mouths, getting pwn3d, guns'n'roses'fourgoodsongs, hazy atmospheres, human trafficking, impressionism, improvisation, independent films, international politics, irony, jacques prévert, james tate, jazz, jim menick, languages, laughter, le soupir, learning, liberalism, lieutenant dan, literary elements, long hot showers, love of life, lying in the rain, martial arts, maya angelou, mike patton, mooooooorgs, movies, my hairy boyfriend, new york city, notebooks, obsessions, oscar wilde, pat dinizio, pennames, philip pullman, photography, picturesque sunsets, poetry and prose, political activism, procrastination, prose before hos, psychology, rachel's love for aerosmith, rainbows, redheads' "impending extinction", richard yates, robbie grabowitz, robert frost, running, sarcasm and cynicism, satire, scarves, scented tomes of literature, schizophrenia, schleigho, scuba diving, search for greatness, secrets, self-expression, shabbat shalom, shows, singing in public places, sleeping, snogging, south park, sporks, stacy and clinton, stamboni, stars and supernovas, storms, stravinsky, suits, swimming, swing, sylvia plath, team zissou, the bald man, the color green, the ides of march, the onion, the roaring 20s, the scent of axe, the smithereens, the trojan man, the-phantom-of-the-opera, thinking too much, train engines, trash compactor phobia, traveling, trying to understand people, urban fetch, virginia woolf, walking along the seaside, what not to wear, world history, writing, yawning, zoe trope